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We have invested in founders of high growth companies, supported them as board members and accompanied their development.

$ 82 m
invested capital
$ 240 m
exit proceeds
catalyst for growth



We have experienced the transforming impact of the right backing and the right investors.

We want to replicate this experience and provide the same opportunities to other founders, who are willing to solve tough problems on a global scale.


We have strong values that we also seek for in the people and companies we partner with:

curiosity, conviction, responsibility, transparency, trust and appreciation


We back Series A rounds ( € 2-10M) of disruptive European technology companies willing to expand and grow internationally. Based in Europe, we aim to co-invest € 1+M in addition to our fund partners, meaning that we are truly able to think global and act local.


How to convince us

We often receive the question what is needed to receive venture funding and to convince investors. To manage expectations, venture capital is only suited for a few companies. These companies typically …

capital300 first closing exceeds EUR 20 million

A few months after initialization, capital300 starts its operational investment activity and announces a first closing with over 20 million Euros. The capital is provided by reputable banks, entrepreneurs and …